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Drive with us.
Grow with us.

Full-time & Part-time opportunities available. Grow with a team taking delivery to the next level.

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Guaranteed Pay + Tips

Delivery First guarantees drivers will average at least $15-$16 per hour depending on location!

Flexible Schedules

Our scheduling team works with you to fit work into your schedule. Do you want 10 or 40 hours per week? Let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Benefits Available

Full-time drivers receive access to company benefit programs including 401k and Health Insurance.

Driver Supervisor

“Unlike other delivery service companies, we are a local provider that not only gives our drivers 100% of the tips they make, but we also give a guaranteed rate. That kind of reliability makes a huge difference.” -Brad


“Working at Delivery First feels like working with a team that really looks out for you. I feel like a valued employee with everything from a schedule that works for me to the benefits offered.” -Dale


When I started at Delivery First, I thought it was just another job. Now, I actually get excited to go to work. It’s a perfect part-time job for me right now to save money but it’s nice to know there’s room to grow in the future too.” -Cynthia

Why Deliver with Delivery First?

Delivery First is a local food delivery company based in the Chicago area. We were started by a group of restaurants unsatisfied with third-party delivery companies and how they treated restaurants and drivers.

At Delivery First, our drivers are employees, NOT independent contractors. We don’t know what a ‘gig’ is, but it’s definitely not a word we use to describe our team. We’re excited to call all our drivers team members!

Why is it important to be an employee?

As our employee, Delivery First is able to guarantee that you have access to what you need for work today, and the benefits you need for tomorrow. This includes:

  • Guaranteed hourly pay whether we are busy or slow
  • Access to company benefit plans including 401k and health insurance
  • Workers compensation and liability insurance (you are required to carry personal car insurance)

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